Eliot in June 2020

Eliot Mayer

Engineer, Radio Amateur, Musician, UU




I have been an amateur radio operator for most of my life, first licensed at age 14 with the callsign WN1MYK. My present callsign is W1MJ. I am active in the Waltham Amateur Radio Association.

My Favorite Ham Radio Activities

  • HF CW
  • FM Repeaters
  • Field Day
  • Contesting
  • Fox Hunting | Fox Building

Then and Now

WN1MYK, 1971 - Johnson Viking Challenger TX, 1940-vintage Navy RX, end-fed wire antenna
W1MJ, 2020 - Elecraft K3, MFJ-974H balanced-line tuner, Begali paddle, twin-lead-fed dipole antenna. Old dog shown learning new tricks: WJST-X / N1MM+ / PSK Reporter

Historical Videos

Friends for Life

This 1995 video (transcribed from VHS tape) promoted amateur radio to the public as a unique way of making friends. It features a group of Boston-area radio friends that I belonged to (K1CE, K1EA, KW1U, N1FER, me).

NA1A Slide Show at KA1IYR Cookout

Duke NA1A prepared this slide show for an annual cookout put on by Kathy KA1IYR and her family for the Waltham repeater gang, AKA Heavy Hitters. Too many ham friends in here to name.