Eliot in June 2020

Eliot Mayer

Engineer, Radio Amateur, Musician, UU


Eliot Mayer Consulting Services


I am a semi-retired electrical engineer, and presently have enough work to keep me busy. So for now, any new consulting gigs are limited to short-term or occasional work. However, please check out Old Dog, New Tricks below.

Consulting Services

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I am experienced in the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Electronic Circuit Design
  • Component Engineering
  • Production Test Software
  • Technical Documentation
  • Design Verification
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Old Dog, New Tricks

With the extra time I have had since semi-retiring, I have been taking online classes and learning new technicals skills:

  • Python Programming
  • Web Design with HTML5/CSS3

While my experience in these areas is limited, my engineering methodology has still allowed me to produce some reliable, high-quality work, described below. In order to hone these new skills, I am available for work in these areas at entry-level rates.

Python Programming

Python might be considered just one of many available computer programming languages, but for two important factors:

  • The availability of libraries to do almost any task under the sun is astounding, and most are royalty-free.
  • The language is actually named after the BBC TV series "Monty Python's Flying Circus".

I have already created a couple of user-friendly Windows apps to help a historian friend with a research project. One program combines all PDF files in a selected folder into a single PDF. It is documented on this Github page.

Windows executable: PDF_Combiner.exe

PDF File Combiner

Web Design

This responsive, fast-loading web site that you are visiting demonstrates the skills I have recently acquired in Mosh Hamedani's excellent HTML5/CSS3 courses.

VS Code scren shot Course Certificates