Eliot in June 2020

Eliot Mayer

Engineer, Radio Amateur, Musician, UU


Eliot's Music

Music has been a hobby of mine for many years. I played clarinet as a child, but didn't stick with it. Then in college, my roommate "Bear" taught me how to play guitar, and I've been playing it ever since.

Recent Music Projects

Sweet Home Chicago

Karl and Eliot's cover of this blues classic, first recorded by Robert Johnson in 1936, and popularized in the 1980 comedy musical film The Blues Brothers (2022)

The New Ham Band

Bones wrote this song about our old garage band of the same name. Recorded "alone together" by Bones, Todd, and me. (2021)

Deerfield Blues

Written by Eliot and friends over a number of jam sessions at the Hosstraders and NEAR-Fest ham radio festivals. Recorded alone together with Bones and Todd. Video by Eliot. (2021)

What's Up

Becky, Bob, Phil and I did this cover of the 4 Non Blondes song using the Acapella app on our respective iPads. (2021)

Walk of Life

Recorded by The Eliot Trio using the Acapella app on an iPad Mini. (2021)

More COVID-Era Remote Recordings

Closer to Fine

This Indigo Girls cover by Becky, Bob, and me was our first using the Acapella app on our iPads. (2021)

We Shall Overcome

Bones and I recorded this song remotely, and I turned it into a slideshow using PowerPoint. We got this out shortly before the 2020 election, hoping that it would encourage people to vote. (2020)

This Scary Yet Wonderful World

Bob wrote and recorded this song early in the pandemic. When I saw it, I decided to surprise Bob with this collaboration without telling him. Very low tech - I just played and sang while streaming his solo YouTube version. (2020)

The Chameleons

From 1997 to 2019, I played in a local musical group, The Chameleons (not to be confused with The Chameleons or the chameleons ). We played folk, rock, and children's music at various community events.

Chameleons last show
The Chameleons' last show, Arlington Porchfest 2019
The Chameleons at Chelmsford Winterfest 1998
At Chelmsford Winterfest 1998
For more info, photos, audio, and video, see The Chameleons Archive

Even More Music

Marty & Eliot in Harvard Square
Marty & Eliot, Harvard Square, September 11, 2005
All donations ($7.59) were donated to Hurricane Katrina Relief

More of my musical edeavors can be found on w1mj.com/old-site/music.