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Marty & Eliot, Harvard Square, September 11, 2005
All donations ($7.59) were donated to Hurricane Relief

Limbo - Written September 28, 1995; Recorded April 19, 2008

Open E Slide - Recorded April 18, 2008

30 Second Classical Guitar Song - Recorded September 22, 2012

YouTube Videos:

The Deerfield Blues - Unplugged at NEARFest, May 2008

The Piss Weak Mobile Blues - Boxboro, August, 2008

Most of my recent work has been with The Chameleons. You can find audio, at least one video, and other stuff on www.chameleons.org. Here's one video from our live show at Martins Pond in North Reading, MA, in the summer of 2003:


The Ballad of Oscar 9 - The Hamtones

Outer Space is a Far Out Place - The New Ham Band
From the Album "The High Street Basement Tapes", recording in Stoneham, MA, 1979
Lyrics and Chords (transcribed 5/14/2016)
Original Manuscript by Rich Maltzman WA1NRT & Eliot Mayer W1MJ

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