Eliot Mayer, W1MJ

WN1MYK, 1971.  Johnson Viking Challenger TX & 1940-vintage Navy RX
WN1MYK, 1971
Johnson Viking Challenger TX, 1940-vintage Navy RX, end-fed wire antenna

W1MJ and grandsons, 2015.  Elecraft K3, Baofeng UV5R, Elecraft KX3
W1MJ, 2015
Elecraft K3, MFJ balanced-line tuner, twin-lead-fed dipole antenna
Grandsons holding Baofeng UV-5R handheld, Elecraft KX3 QRP Xcvr

I was sharing my recent photos on Picasaweb, but Google retired it. For now, I am using Google Photos, but I don't see an equivalent to the Picasweb page showing all shared albums. So for now, here are a few recent album:

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