White Mountain Hike with Bones

September 2006

Monday: Meet at Dolly Copp Campground, Site #64

Tuesday: Hike to Madison Hut via Great Gulf & Madison Gulf trails

Trail Lunch:

View from the hut:

Stowaway discovered:

Wednesday: From Madison Hut to Lakes of the Clouds Hut via Gulfside Trail

Side-trip to cold-and-windy Mt. Adams:

The Cog Railway, near the summit of Mt. Washington:

Thursday: Lakes of the Clouds to N. Conway via Tuckerman Ravine

And now for something completely different...

Friday - Sunday: Backpacking in the Great Gulf Wilderness

Osgood Tentsite:

Campfire at Osgood Tentsite, with nice couple from West Virginia:

Great Gulf Trail:

Tea Time back at the tent:

Sunday: Visiting some old stomping grounds on the way back home

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