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Vacations & Adventures
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A Boy and His Dog - By Jennie & Anna
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All Together Now - For Lucy (her favorite song)

Angel from Montgomery - Bones & Eliot

The Chameleons - WinterRest 2001
YouTube | Google Photos

Closer to Fine - Becky, Bob, & Eliot

Deerfield Blues - Bones, Todd, & Eliot

Eliot's 48th Birthday
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Friends for Life - ARRL
YouTube | Google Photos

Hosstraders, Rochester, NH
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Masha's College Graduation
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NA1A Slide Show at KA1IYR Heavy Hitters Cookout
YouTube | Google Photos (starts at 0:17)

Nova Pup - Eliot & Noah

This Scary Yet Wonderful World - Bob & Eliot

Walk of Life - The Eliot Trio

We Shall Overcome - Bones & Eliot

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What's Up - Becky, Bob, Phil, & Eliot

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