Eliot's Family Photos

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Anna, Dimitri, Masha, Jon, Jennie, Irina, Sarah (Chanukah 2016)

Norman, Eliot, Esther, Sarah (Norman's 92nd Birthday Lunch, OCB Walpole)

David, Eliot (Their first jam session, Cape Cod, July 2011)

Jennie, Jon (Cape Cod, July 2011)

Lucky takes a mud bath (Blue Hills, July 2011)

Dima and Eliot (Chelmsford Winterfest, Febuary, 2011)

Reading "Grandpas Are For Finding Worms" to Dimitri (December, 2008)

Masha, Anna, Irina (Irina's Birthday Party, 2003)

Jennie, me (New York City, 2003)

Maw, Paw, me, Irina (Chanukah in Sharon, 2003)

Joel (2001)

Lena, Fira, Irina (Fira's Birthday Party, 2003)

Vladimir, Marina (Irina's Birthday Party, 2003)

Lucky (Second Birthday, 2003)

Masha, Sarah, Eliot (Walk for Hunger, 2001)

Bugle, me, Paw, Grandma, Maw

Grandma, me, Grandpa

Grandfather Solomon Issenberg (center, visiting family back in Russia before WWII)

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